Berne 1943. Julien Rochelle, the French ambassador, is hosting a dinner party; he is assailed by memories. North Africa between two worlds, the European and the Arab, and between two eras: the final years of the heyday of colonialism. Julien is welcomed to his first posting as a young diplomat by Ambassador Vaudable. Julien meets Clothilde, whose husband is away on a mission in Siberia. A liaison begins, at first no more than an escape from boredom. But it develops into a passionate relationship independent of time and social standards. In spite of discreet warnings from Vaudable, Julien spends more and more of his time on Clothilde and less and less on his work.
plakat Feature, CH/F 1982
104′, colour, 35mm

Director Daniel Schmid

Original version: French

T&C Film, Zürich
LPA, Paris