One day after the full moon night, 12 children, all 10 years of age, are found to be missed – across all four language regions of Switzerland. The police and the media reassuringly claim that they have plenty of leads and clues. But no kidnapper comes forward to contradict them. At the end of the week, all parents receive exactly the same letter from their children, written cryptically. By the time the next full moon comes round they need to have deciphered the letter and to have complied with all its requirements, or else…

A dramatic and ironic tale that reveals the current state of Switzerland. Switzerland as a metaphor, or a plea for a lesser degree of logic and more imagination in our world.

plakat Feature, CH/D/F 1998, 124′, colour, 35mm


Director Fredi M. Murer

Original version
Swiss-German, French, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic

T&C Film, Zürich
Pandora Film, Köln
Arena Films, Paris