Peter Huninger, an anthropology professor, moves with his wife and young child to a new city where his younger brother, Laurence, a schizophrenic, has been committed in a clinic for many years. Peter has accepted an invitation to teach at the university. After Lawrence attempts one more time to end his life, Peter decides to take care of his brother himself. He takes him out of the clinic and moves with him to a huge and rather run-down apartment. More and more Peter neglects his family and his work.

A young woman, Pascale, his assistant at university, worries about the strange changes she notices in him. She follows him to his apartment and meets Lawrence. Not suspecting anything and in spite of Peter’s violent jealousy, she interferes in the brothers’ relationship, thus answering Lawrence’s wish. More and more Lawrence’s ailment spreads to Peter. His efforts end in tragedy …but Lawrence has come out of the night.

plakat Feature, CH 1985, 100′
colour, 35mm

Directors Dominique Othenin-Girard and Sergio Guerraz

Original version: English

T&C Film, Zürich
Green Man Productions, London