In order to be able to do her work in a centre for the homeless, Antonia a deaf nun, has to make the daily journey from her convent to the city by train.
She encounters Mikas. A new exciting world opens up for Antonia because, like herself, Mikas is also deaf. These two people, so different from each other, are able to converse in their common language – sign language. Antonia and Mikas fall in love. However, what Antonia is not aware of is that Mikas is only pretending to be a circus artiste and has in fact come to Switzerland to make some ready money as a pickpocket.
A victim of his pickpocketing catches Mikas red-handed. In his attempt to escape, Mikas loses his life. Antonia is confused and disconsolate. What she went through with Mikas has had a deep effect on her and she has the feeling that the world has opened up for her too once and for all.
She resolves to start a new life and goes off to Washington DC to study at the Gallaudet University for the Deaf.
Feature, CH 2001, 90′
colour, 16/35mm

Director Christoph Schaub

Original version: German