Of all days, precisely on her fiftieth birthday, Julis has to experience that age makes invisible. Frustrated, she goes shopping and makes an acquaintance, spontaneously deciding to spend the evening with this stranger, rather than with her friends.

Julia’s friends wait for her in a restaurant, all dressed up and groomed, the signs of age concealed by make-up.
Jessica and Fatima, both 14, are also out shopping – but in their own manner. They are looking our for a birthday present and “find” gold sneakers for the 18-year-old they both have a crush on. The store detective, however, observes and arrests them. Cornelia and Max, Jessica’s divorced parents, are crushed when informed that they are to pick up their child from the police station. Whose fault is it that their daughter apparently belongs to a lost generation?
In the mean time, on her eightieth birthday, Leonie, sulking over the loss of youth, is rebelling against her daughter, the senior citizen’s home, conventions, an old age in general – and joyfully sabotaging the party in her honor.

plakat Feature, CH 2009, 87′, HD
Director Christoph Schaub
Script Martin Suter
Original version: German
Dubbing version: French, Italian
Audience Award
Film Festival Locarno 2009