Life could be wonderful for Livia and Marco: good-looking, young and Tim’s parents. Tim is nine months old. His screaming every night drives his parents around the bend, although he was supposed to cement their relationship. But instead of slumber and sex, it’s the same every night: jump out of bed and into the wobbly old Golf whose engine sound is the only thing that calms Tim down.
One night, the unbelievable happens: a charming petty criminal and his date pinch the car – and the kid. A wild chase ensues, filled with screaming, braking and turning around.
But who knows, perhaps the new day will really bring a change for Livia, Marco and Tim?





Fiction, CH/D 2012, 94′, HD
Director Christoph Schaub
Script Martin Suter
Alexandra Maria Lara, Sebastian Blomberg, Georg Friedrich, Carole Schuler

T&C Film Zürich (CH)
X Filme Creative Pool Berlin (D)