A film with and about Santiago Calatrava, who came to international prominence at an early stage in his career as an architect, and whose creations in various parts of the globe are both popular and controversial. What distinguishes Calatrava from other celebrities in the field of architecture is that he is as talented as a construction engineer as he is as an architect. His special interest is in sculptural works.

The film accompanies Calatrava to various sites here and there, allowing us to see both his hectic work schedule and the moments en route between site visits when he finds time for creative work.

The journey takes us on a tour of his oevre: railway stations, airports, bridges, concert halls, tower blocks… An encounter with extraordinary shapes, dynamic equipoise, frozen movement, building as sculptures, shapes that hearken back to nature.

Documentary, CH 1999, 77′, colour, Video/S16, 35mm

Director Christoph Schaub

Original version: German, French, Spanish