Manuela accuses Polo of having raped her sister Billi on the banks of the river Aare. He considers himself innocent. He often drives his Kawasaki to the River. It is there, surrounded by nature, that he feels at ease.
Giorgio, his work mate, tries to persuade Polo to join a xenophobic group.
Sao, a Thai prostitute, attempts to escape from her pimp, and Polo involuntarily becomes her rescuer. They can barely understand each other but they discover that they have some things in common and get to know each other better.
During a picnic by the river Aare, which reminds Sao of the Mekong, the river of her childhood, yearnings are aroused in Polo too.

plakat Feature, CH 1995, 97‘, colour, 35mm

Screenplay and Director
Bruno Moll

Original version